Woman was on waitlist to adopt a puppy — but senior golden retriever wins her heart

It’s always sad when older dogs end up in shelters. Senior dogs, especially ones with medical needs, are often passed over in favor of younger puppies.

When one senior dog had to search for a new home after the death of his owner, the odds seemed against him — but when one woman met him she knew it was meant to be.

In November, Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida shared the “heartbreaking story” of a 13-year-old golden retriever named Mickey, who was now homeless after his owner died after a long illness.

They put out an urgent call for a foster or adopter for the senior golden. “Mickey is partially blind and deaf, but very sweet,” they wrote.

The rescue wrote that Mickey also had a large, benign mass that had to be removed, and had skin and eye infections. Despite his advanced age and medical needs, a vet thankfully recommended he be rescued instead of put down.

Soon, the rescue found a foster for Mickey: a woman named Marianne.

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