World famous star passed away this morning at her home in North Carolina

Street Outlaws star Lizzy Musi dies with her family by her side after a year-long battle with stage 4 breast cancer

A street racer named Lizzy Musi has died after being told she had stage-four breast cancer, according to her father.

Mooresville, North Carolina’s Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings star told everyone about her diagnosis last year, which meant she had to leave the show.

In a Facebook post, Musi’s famous dad Pat said, “Surrounded by her family and in the comfort of her own home, Lizzy was called to heaven at 11:25 pm tonight.”

“Thank you for all your prayers and help during her illness.

At this point, the family would like to be left alone to deal with their grief and make plans.

“We will give an update as soon as we have information to share.”

Women and girls looked up to the racer after she won three straight episodes of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings in 2019.

With a time of 3.802 seconds, she was also the first woman to go faster than 200 mph in eighth-mile doorslammer racing.

Back in July 2014, Lizzy Musi made more history when she won a Pro Nitrous national event at the Professional Drag Racers Association US Drags. She was the first woman to do so.

A 33-year-old racer who was honest about having stage 4 triple-negative breast cancer, which is one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer, has received a lot of praise.

Musi was still hopeful about her health, even though the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and liver.

She told everyone in Germany last month that she had “great news” while she was getting treatment for cancer.

Even though the driver didn’t say more, she had already said that she was going to the Medias Klinikum treatment center in Burghausen, Germany.

Last month, Lizzy told Drag Illustrated, “I’ve pretty much tried everything here in the US, and I’ve looked into the doctor and treatment in Germany that can separate my liver and treat it.”

One fan wrote under Pat’s post, which was shared on Musi’s Facebook page, “This just hurts my heart.”

“She gave young girls a lot to think about. It was fun to watch her race.”

“One of the best female racers,” said someone else.

“Younger people were so inspired by how positive and happy she was.” This is so unbelievable.

We’re sorry for her family’s loss. Run fast, Lizzy, up in heaven.”

This year, Musi publicly thanked her boyfriend Jeffrey Earnhardt, who is the grandson of famous Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt, for always being there for her.

“This guy right here has supported me like no other from sleepless ER nights and dealing with my health to cheering me on at my races,” Musi wrote on the app.

“He did insanely well when I got to see him play this past weekend after a long off-season. @jearnhardt1 #thankful #unique #howloveshouldfeel”

They started going out together after she broke up with racecar driver Kyle Kelley in late 2023.

A touching Facebook post from January by Musi revealed some details about her relationship with Earnhardt.

“I found a man when I least expected it, on top of going through the worst time in my life… it didn’t phase him and he has loved me unconditionally since,” said she.

“No hair…disease or not, he’s seen me at my worst…” Getting calls telling me how strong and beautiful I am; talking on FaceTime without my wig on and still getting compliments… I’m immensely grateful for you, Jeffrey Earnhardt.

Millions of people on Instagram have called Earnhardt their “soulmate” and thanked him for “loving her the way she deserved” until the end.

People have sent Earnhardt their condolences, but she hasn’t said anything public about her death yet.

He gave an update on Musi’s return to racing at the end of April, after she raced at Virginia Motorsport Park in her ’69 Camaro named Bonnie.

According to her partner, she and the team were “firing on all cylinders.”

Musi died just two months after Nathan Schaldach, better known as Cali Nate, who also played Nathan on Street Outlaws.

The accident that killed Nate happened in southwest Texas on April 6.

He crashed his car while racing in Eagle Pass, which is about two hours west of San Antonio.

The racer died from his injuries even though he was taken to the hospital.

The news was confirmed by his girlfriend Courtney Paulshock, who wrote a sad post on Facebook about how she felt “shattered” after losing “her person.”

Musi praised her coworker and called him a “hell of a guy.”

The actress wrote on Instagram, “Hard to wrap my mind around this one.”

“We all know what the risk is when we get in these cars.”

When we filmed the street shows in Vegas and Cali, I got to race with Nate.

“Trustworthy street racer and great guy!” Say “Godspeed”

When asked about Nate and Paulshock’s relationship, Musi asked his fans to pray for his girlfriend who was hurting.

“Please keep my good friend @c_paulshockphotography in your thoughts and prayers!” She went on.

“I know how deeply they loved each other and how they couldn’t be apart.” This really hurts my feelings.”

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