Kind Lady Saves a Baby Deer Sleeping Under a Tire By Leaving Note

When you live in our part of America, it’s always a good idea to check around and under your vehicle to make sure wildlife hasn’t chosen it as shelter. One kind lady noticed a baby deer sleeping under someone else’s car tire and decided to take action.

This Facebook share went viral as a lady wanted to make sure the driver of the vehicle knew that there was a baby deer sleeping under a tire.

The reactions were sentimental, but also sometimes hilarious. The most popular comment so far came from Joshua Kevin Nye:

How do you know it was an old lady? If you saw her why didn’t she just tell you there’s a damn deer under the tire instead of writing a note???? I want answers!

Another comedian said they hoped the driver could read. Guess you can’t always assume that based on how some people drive.

Cyntha Atkinson was one of the more sweet people that appreciated this lady’s gesture:

Bless the caring lady for leaving the note

Amen, Cyntha. Gotta love the heart of people who could just go about their business, but decide to make a difference instead.

Would you have left a note or try to coax the deer out from under the vehicle or just go on with your life?

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