Akiane Kramarik, a child artist, claimed to have seen Jesus’ ‘real’ face in her nightmares and chose to paint it on canvas. She believes God granted her talent.

When Akiane Kramarik was three years old, her skill was noticed, and by the time she was ten, she was invited to make her first television appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

She finished a stunning portrait of Jesus, titled “Prince of Peace,” when she was just 8 years old. She claimed to have seen them in her nightmares, and they appeared to be quite genuine.

“I started getting these sights and perceptions of the world when I was very small. I simply had to communicate the flawless visions I was experiencing in my head in some way, bodily or otherwise, she stated.

When she was 12 years old, she spoke with CNN and compared God to a “bow of light” that was “very pure, incredibly manly, really strong, and large…His eyes are really lovely.

Another picture she owns is titled “Father Forgive Them” and shows Jesus with his arms raised to his heavenly Father.

She described heaven as being lovely and effortless in her visions, which are always like dreams.

A vision is like an oasis in a desert, Akiane stated in an interview that appeared in the Washington Times. You can’t always have it because you have to keep moving forward through the difficult desert of life events. I don’t worry as much about waiting for a vision to come to me since I know it will happen when I least expect it to. I continue to be inspired by visions in my work.

“All of the colors were out of this world,” she remarked to CNN. We don’t yet understand hundreds of millions of hues. There, the blossoms were brilliantly clear. Nothing like the music in our world exists in heaven; it is more beautiful.

In paradise, all living things communicate through color, vibration, and idea rather than using words.

She is doing well for herself now that she is 21 years old. She has accumulated fortune with her unusual talent, which she thinks to be a gift from God.

She refers to her creations as the Jesus painting. She was born in Lithuania to atheist parents, which makes her life pretty interesting. We send her our best wishes.

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